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I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the
experience of being alive. ~ Joseph Campbell

Encouraging the Experience of Being Alive Through:

Passion. Making a passionate connection with life motivates us toward discovery. It is the
power of attraction and when we follow it...doors will open where we would not have thought
there would be doors; and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else.

Courage. Every journey contains opportunities to learn about ourselves through our
interactions with challenges. Contrary to popular belief there are no "bad" or "wrong" parts of
ourselves. Our dungeons, dark places and shadows are pathways to treasures beyond our
imagination. It is through our abyss and in the places where we stumble...that we find them.

Creativity. When we let go of the life plans, limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that
ultimately don't serve us, we can be open and receptive to our life's possibilities. We can
match our heartbeat with the beat of the universe and our nature with Nature. Out of this
wellspring of creativity comes forth our true existence...a conscious interaction between
ourselves and the rest of creation.

Making the Journey about discovering that we are the hero of our own lives and
learning what we're made of. Transformation is a commitment toward experiencing ourselves
in a new and profound way so that we may understand that within us is contained all that we
could ever want to be.

My Mission assist and support people in connecting with the source of their passions
which lay down the rhythms for which their hearts beat, that is in turn the drumbeat of the tune to which their transcendent spirits dance and the experience that creates the world.

Paula Kawal
Paula Kawal
Coach, Writer, Professional Intuitive
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